*Duluth/North Shore
*October 11, 2014

-Birds mentioned
Ross's Goose
Surf Scoter
Black-billed Magpie
Eastern Towhee
Vesper Sparrow

Hotline: Minnesota, Duluth/North Shore
Date: October 11, 2014
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
Reports: (218) 834-2858
Compiler: Jim Lind ([log in to unmask])

This is the Duluth Birding Report for October 11th, 2014 sponsored by
the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

A ROSS'S GOOSE has been present along Garfield Avenue in the Duluth Port
Terminal for the past week, and it was still present on the 9th. Kim
Eckert found a SURF SCOTER on the 9th on the bay side of Park Point at
40th Street. Clinton Neinhaus reported an EASTERN TOWHEE on the 8th at
Hawk Ridge.

Mike Hendrickson and Peder Svingen saw a BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE on the 5th
west of Two Harbors on the Stanley Road (CR 9), at a farm three miles
west of MN Highway 61. Dave Benson found what might be the same bird on
the 8th on the west side of Two Harbors at the intersection of Scenic 61
and MN Highway 61. Dee Kuder saw a BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE on the 10th at
Myrtle Lake northeast of Orr, and another at Lake Kabetogama.

Kim Eckert found a VESPER SPARROW on the 6th near the Culver's
restaurant in Two Harbors.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on October 18th.

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