Hi All-

I (re?)found a Wilson's Phalarope at the outflow from the large pond into
Long Meadow Lake at the Bass Ponds unit of the Minnesota Valley National
Wildlife Refuge. It was feeding with a single Lesser Yellowlegs and 10
Greaters. Unfortunately a large Peregrine Falcon scattered the birds and it
did not return. By the time I left around 11, there were no shorebirds at
this location. Before that happened, I and another birder saw 7
Black-bellied Plovers fly by. I also had what I thought were a few Dunlin
flying with a Green-winged Teal flock when these birds were scattered by an

Dabbling ducks were dominated by upwards of 300 Green-winged Teal and
Northern Shoveler. A few Gadwall and a pair of Northern Pintail were

Also of note were two separate Purple Finches flying over. As predicted,
this is shaping up to be a good flight year for them.

Good birding,
Jesse Ellis
Saint Paul

Jesse Ellis
Post-doctoral Researcher
Dept. of Integrative and Comparative Biology,

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