I got a call from Gary Swanson the naturalist at the Coon Rapids Dam about one p.m. He and some other birders saw a Willet and Cattle Egret at the Bass ponds.  I headed right down there from my coon rapids home and found them under the new cedar bridge. They had seen the Cattle Egret earlier just north of there and followed it to the bridge.  I saw it on the other side of the river and was able to get a few shots of it even at that distance.  I put one on my flickr account.  Here is the link  https://www.flickr.com/photos/ronsthoughts/
So they had the cattle egret in their sights before one and I saw it around two and by two thirty it was out of sight just south of the cedar bridge (presumably)  I never did get to see the willet but I saw some green winged and blue winged teals and some lesser, I think, yellowlegs and some northern shovelers and a red tailed hawk. I also saw at least two great egrets including one that was next to the cattle egret at one point.   
Ron Taube 
Coon Rapids