As mentioned by Kim Eckert in his most recent update, the two Common Eiders
were near the mouth of the Lester River by about 2:45 PM today (Tuesday,
11-Nov). They lingered in that area for about an hour, despite the presence
of surfers. At about 3:45 PM they began swimming east along the shoreline
towards Brighton Beach (where they were originally found by Karl Bardon
yesterday). Just before 4:00 PM and for no apparent reason, they took off
and flew east. Robbye Johnson and I watched them flying east until they
were no longer visible.

If you haven't seen Ted Keyel's photo of the eiders next to a surfer (!)
check it out at:

Hopeful observers tomorrow might want to meet at the Lester River mouth,
exchange phone numbers, and coordinate a search. For what it's worth
(probably nothing), the birds moved steadily west from Brighton Beach to
Leif Erikson Park (14th Ave East) yesterday during the storm, and moved
progressively east from the South Street pedestrian bridge (17th Ave East)
to Brighton Beach (and beyond?) today. Good luck!

Peder H. Svingen
Duluth, MN
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