Hi All—

I was just looking at the Duluth Common Eider photos that Gerry Hoekstra
posted on the MOU website (http://moumn.org/cgi-bin/recent.pl?rec_id=5592)
and noticed how different they appear to the eider photo I posted on my
website this morning. My photo was taken several years ago in Martha’s
Vineyard (http://dantallmansbirdblog.blogspot.com).

Looking at Sibley, I think the Duluth eiders may be from the western
Arctic, whereas, as you might guess, the Massachusetts ducks are from a
more eastern group. I am no expert on races of Common Eiders, so would
welcome any comments.


Dan or Erika Tallman
Northfield, Minnesota
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".... the best shod travel with wet feet...Beware of all enterprises that
require new clothes ....”—H. D. Thoreau

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