I was returning from Zax Zim bog area and spotted a snowy male, mature,  on hwy 73 and county rd 131.  This is 3-4 miles or so north of Kettle River. On that corner is a Finnish country church and there is also an historical marker. It was about 5 pm. The owl was sitting on a hay bale. Got a good look at it through the trees between the church property and the hay field.  We tried to walk up Hwy 73 to see it from that angle but it had already flown off.

We also spotted a great horned owl in St Louis County a couple miles north of Independence, on hwy 53.  It was perched on a sign on the east side of the road.  As we circled back to get another look at it, it too flew away.  I definitely saw a big owl with "horns". This was about 3:45 p.m.

Blessings of Peace and Joy to you!
Carolyn Law osf
Saint CLoud

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