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Chris Hockema just called to report one Short-eared Owl near the Oaks Golf 
Course near Hayfield around 11AM.  He thought it was a Northern Harrier at first.  
It flew across MN Hwy 30 around an Adopt-a-Highway sign near 170th Ave.  He 
also had 4 Gray Partridge  earlier along Hwy 30 east of the town of Oslo.  He 
didn't get an exact location, but he suspects that he was in Dodge County, just 
west of the Olmsted County line.

I had talked to him earlier this morning, and we were complaining about the cold, 
windy weather putting a damper on birding, so he had decided to pal around with 
a non-birder.

Dedrick Benz
Winona, MN

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