I relocated the Northern Hawk Owl first reported yesterday by Don Kienholz. It was on the 
tops of one of the pine trees right next to the road by the entrance to the road maintenance 
garages (Riley Rd ... just off Jean Duluth Rd ... north side of road). For those of you who 
viewed the Riley Rd snowy owl last winter, this owl was utilizing the pines almost directly 
across the road from the mounds used by the snowy last winter.

This owl is a few miles away from where the other nearest hawk owl has been reported on 
Jean Duluth Rd. Thus, as Don noted, this may or may not be a new bird, but the viewing 
location is fantastic. 

I watched the owl from 8:00 to 8:30 am. It finally flew off to the north where I could not 
see it. Photos on my blog at http://www.365DaysOfBirds.Com/

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