Ken and I received 3 reports last night of a Snowy Owl around the
intersection of hwy. 371 north and Woida Rd. in Baxter.  This is a very busy
intersection with a SuperAmerica on one corner and Mills Ford across the 4
lane hwy.  At about 7:30 AM this morning, we located the owl on a powerpole
at the intersection of Clearwater Road and Golf Course Drive, just south and
east of the Office Max. We watched it leave that perch and fly across the
field to the northwest, and then we lost it as it went into the area between
the Target store and Bodyworks. At about 7:37 AM we relocated the snowy
perched on the northeast corner of the Target store.  The owl was also
observed by John Richardson and Judd Brink.

--Pam Perry, Brainerd

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