I was at the dam this morning with my friend Larry. We saw no gadwall but did get some Redheads, male and female, a pair of bufflehead, three green winged teal flying and I believe some ring necks and the usual common mergansers, goldeneye, and a single Ruddy duck.   I’ve posted some more photos.  Not the greatest since they are from a distance but you should do well with your spotting scopes. People have asked me from where I saw these. Well first of all on the Coon Rapids side. If you don’t want to pay parking park outside on the street.  Then I would go up to the walkway first. It is closed to walk across but you can get up to it. Then I would take the trail east of the visitors center upstream or north and every couple of hundred yards look towards the river.  There are a couple of good areas to sit and wait maybe a quarter mile upstream and then another quarter mile.  There are not large flocks but twenty to thirty here and there.  Good Luck I saw several of you today.
Ron Taube
Coon Rapids

Here are a couple more photos from today