Upon the advise of a couple of birders that I know I went to Lake Harriet looking for Red Breasted Mergansers.  It’s one of my favorite migrants.  I came in on the west side and stopped near the north west corner of the lake and found two groups of waterfowl with fifty or more birds in each group.   There were a number of coots as well as red breasted mergansers (male and female) horned grebes (male and female) pied billed grebes and a few scaup probably the lesser.   I was happy to get as close as I did to these birds as I stood behind tree branches in a kind of a blind.I hoped to see some loons but had no luck.  Later I went to the Coon Rapids Dam and saw some flickers, osprey, juncos, and for Adam Rausch’s benefit no yellow rumped warblers. Here are some photos
Ron Taube
Coon Rapids