Dedrick Benz, Dave Bartkey, Andy Nyhus and I are looking at what looks to
be at least 75% a Cinnamon Teal at the Albany sewage ponds. The bird is
associating with Blue-winged Teals in the northwest corner of the
easternmost pond. The bird looks very much like a pure adult male Cinnamon
Teal except for a hint of white at the base of the bill as well as a
lighter reddish color where the hip patch would be on a Blue-winged Teal.
If this bird is a hybrid (and we're not certain that it is), we're thinking
it might be a second-generation bird where one of the parents was a pure
bird and the other parent was a 50-50 hybrid.

There is also an early Hudsonian Godwit flying around the ponds along with
a few other shorebirds.

Bob Dunlap

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