At 3:00 pm today I heard the end of a bird song that
sounded similiar to a vireo.
Looking up about 60 ft away I
saw a Grosbeak sized bird in a leafless area of
a tree singing.  It had a dark head and a medium cinnamon
colored breast observed without optics.  The
bird flew south before I could get a scope on it.
Residential area, no known feeder close by.
SW corner of Rice and S Owasso Blvd W 200ft
w of Muffler Man.

I am not familiar with the song of BHGR but from
what I remember, a youtube recording of a BHGR
 listened to after appeared to fit the bird I had heard.

Experience: Bird Bander who has banded over
500 Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.

Dennis Meyer