Michael Thompson posted pictures of breeding grebes from Lake Osakis on the
Minnesota Birding facebook group on Sunday evening, and when I wondered if
he had seen any Clark's, he looked through his photos and was able to post
one with an obvious CLARK'S GREBE.

It's not clear exactly where this bird was since his friend was driving the
boat and Michael was not tracking the exact location with each photo and
breeding group. (Unfortunately the Todd/Douglas Co. line runs right through
Lake Osakis.) It is also not clear if this bird is breeding - it was in
with breeding birds and the photo shows it among nests, but without more
details I don't think breeding will be substantiated.

This species has been found at Lake Osakis on a number of occasions, and
folks heading that way may want to spend some time scoping the grebes

Jesse Ellis
St. Paul