This morning Steve Carlson and I studied a male Ruff at the Bass Ponds, 
Hennepin Co. It was out in the main lake, northwest of the beaver pond 
area where the creek empties into the marsh. We watched it for about 2.5 
hours and it was still there when I left at 12:30. Steve found it 
earlier, around 9:30 or so I believe, but it flew. We relocated it about 
10:00. Views are distant and a scope is necessary. I estimated over 
2,500 total shorebirds, nearly all of which were Lesser Yellowlegs 
(1,500) and Pectoral Sandpipers (1,000) but there were small numbers of 
other species too including Long-billed Dowitcher and Wilson's 
Phalarope. The shorebirds, including the Ruff, frequently flew. The Ruff 
is rather easily found among the yellowlegs as it is twice the bulk 
(about as bulky as a Greater Yellowlegs) and has conspicuous feather 
"sails" on the mid and lower back.

Bruce Fall, Minneapolis

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