About 1pm today, Connie Jo and I, together with Jerry and Carol Dirks all saw the Ruff briefly after Carol found it with the scope.  We had walked southeasterly toward the shoreline of the west end of the narrows of Long Meadow Lake using a dirt path leading from the main Bass Ponds trail.  The Ruff was accompanied by about a dozen Lesser Yellowlegs, all of which were feeding on the far shoreline of the narrows just as it opens up into the southwest half of Long Meadow Lake.  After a couple of minutes the group flew off and we were unable to follow them to their next landing spot.

Other shorebirds of interest were about 10 American Avocets feeding in the vicinity of the tall post out in he lake and two Black-bellied Plovers to the left of the post and toward the far shoreline of the lake.

Scott Dirks

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