Went to Flandrau SP looking for the White-Eyed Vireo. Upon arrival I ran into Ron Erpelding. He sent me 
down the trail where I followed the Y to the left. I went past the River turn off and stayed right until I  came to 
a single rail fence with 3 poles. I heard the bird calling back towards the river and Jim Peterson and I only 
saw shadowed glimpse"s. Jim left and I hung out another 1/2 hour meeting up with a lady (Ruth)  from 
Crystal Lake. She left and I stayed awhile longer and heard the bird again, where Ron directed, at the 3 post 
single rail fence. This time I got some good looks and caught up with Ruth and sent her back. I did get wet 
but it was worth the trip. A life bird for me, Jim, and Ruth.  This was at 12:45 today.

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