Hey birders,


Craig Mandel pointed out to me that the Acadian Flycatcher that I saw yesterday morning was a first county record for Sibley.  I didn’t realize that so now I’m providing details.


The bird was seen at the Jessenland Unit of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge.  Take CR6 north from Henderson and park in the south parking lot (there’s a blue address marker on the north side of the road--#31148).  Walk through the restored prairie east-southeast toward a stand of cottonwoods.  The bird was audible from the west side of the cottonwoods and seemed to favor a wet meadow immediately behind the cottonwoods.  At one point we saw him calling from a perch in the open and he was very cooperative.  Be prepared for wet feet if you venture to the east side of the Cottonwoods!


Benji Inniger and I also saw a Red-shouldered Hawk working the ridge on the west side of CR6.  The bird came out of the river valley and then was working back and forth there for about 3 or 4 minutes.  Habitat is good for a nesting pair.


Happy birding!


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