This morning there were 4 Upland Sandpipers and 7 Buff-breasted Sandpipers
at the previously reported hayfield in the NE quadrant of the intersection
of Co. Rd. 11 and 200th St. The Buff-breasteds offered up phenomenal views
just 100 feet off Co. Rd. 11--pics will be posted later on my blog.

We also relocated the Blue Grosbeak found by Ron Erpelding at the Krogman
Air Strip on Co. Rd 61 just a half mile north of Co. Rd. 11.  This is about
one mile east of the Buff-breasted location.

We did not relocate the other Blue Grosbeak (corner house at Buff-breasted
spot) and Western Kingbird that Chad Heins and the Hockema brothers found.

Josh Wallestad

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