I'm following up with more precise directions to the Hennepin Co.
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron. (Yesterday I was typing from my phone and
didn't actually know what area of the park I was in until I got home.)

Shiloh Park is a small park in Plymouth, northwest of Parkers Lake and
south of 55. The bird has been seen in or near the very southeastern
portion of the park, on both sides of the stretch of trail that begins on
27th Ave. N., before you cross the footbridge.  It's been moving around
various yards in the area, especially along the two ponds on the edge of
the park.

I haven't heard any updates yet today, but a non-birder resident who was
present yesterday said she saw the bird a couple of weeks ago.  Thus,
there's probably a good chance it's still around.

Good luck.

Peter Nichols
Cottage Grove
Washington County

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