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I did a write up on what remote access hardware and methods we used in our CAMCOR facility here:



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For our new EMP laboratory, we would like to purchase an IP camera so that (a) we can show the lab to a large class for demonstration (education purpose) and (b) outside customers can “see” what we are doing. Associated to this, we might have also remote access to the lab. Ideally, we would like the camera to come with the following options:
- pan, tilt and optical zoom controlled through the internet (= PTZ camera)
- good images even in dim environment (not night vision, but almost)
- good quality so that when we zoom on a computer monitor, we can read the text.
- online streaming assuming fast internet; but I guess the camera should not be more than 720p, especially if we also have remote access playing simultaneously...

The camera would likely be installed on the wall behind the analyst microprobe, approximately 10-15 feet away from the screen. We do not need audio (mic), although this might be a plus…

Someone recommended me the AXIS PTZ 214 (http://www.axis.com/us/en/products/axis-214), which is exactly what we would need (I tested it on another lab, it is really awesome), but it comes naturally with a high price (~$1,250 - amazon list a used one for ~$525???). Does anybody else has other suggestions, maybe cheaper but still efficient? Any comments / suggestions?



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