Hello Probeusers!

the stage mapping on my JEOL JXA-8900R just started to show the most peculiar behavior. No matter the mapping conditions, it acquires only a single line and uses the stage backlash once a second. The amount of the backlash seems to correlate with the individual set width of the map. The resulting map shows the correct amount of pixels but obviously is not the way I want to acquire maps.

I tried various settings, made sure that backlash values are set correct, rebooted whatnot.

Potentially important information: We just had to disable the linear encoder for the stage (anyone has a spare linear encoder board?) on my machine (although that should only affect X and Y) and I am not sure if it is related to this. It is not the first time that I acquired maps since the loss of the linear encoder though and it was ok before.

Has anyone ever seen this? Any help is appreciated.



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