There have been reports of 3-5 different PARASITIC JAEGERS in the past few
days, mostly visible from Lot 1 of Wisconsin Point and the Superior Entry
(the very end of Minnesota Point). The Superior Entry is in St. Louis

The first report I saw was from Clinton Nienhaus on the Minnesota Birding
Facebook page yesterday (9/7).  He said the birds had been seen the past "3
or so days." Steve Bayer and John Richardson have both posted photos to the
page.  John's latest report is that there are possibly up to 5 Parasitic
Jaegers visible from Lot 1 on Wisconsin Point today.  He said that you can
go no farther down Wisconsin Point due to construction.  Mike Hendrickson
reported yesterday that he has seen the birds over MN waters from the
Superior Entry.

Peter Nichols
Cottage Grove
Washington County

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