There has been a Clark's Nutcracker visiting the home of retiree Bruce Little since about 9/7. The bird has become a little more sporadic as of late, but is seen most day. There is no feeder around but it likes to hang around the clothesline when it is around. Bill Drazkowski and I went this evening and missed the bird (it was seen around 6:30PM), but left him Bruce some peanuts to spread around. It sometimes flies to the north over Cedar Valley Rd. Bruce is friendly and welcomes visitors. 24092 Cedar Valley Rd (Cty Rd 9) which is about 10 miles downriver from WInona. Parking along Cedar Valley Rd. is impossible, but he has a large driveway that should be able to accommodate 6 cars or so. Please don't block his garage. 
Dedrick Benz
Winona, MN 		 	   		  
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