Hey birders,

Raptor migration has been bottled up with the south winds we’ve been
having.  Today the dam burst and we had our best day ever at the Bethany
Hawkwatch.  Our Land of Memories City Park site had 237 raptors which is a
good day in the Minnesota River Valley, but counters at Bethany Lutheran
College were overwhelmed with 2,021 birds, including 1,199 Broad-wings
between 11am and noon.

Totals for today from the Bethany Hawkwatch appear below:

Turkey Vulture: 101

Osprey: 3

Bald Eagle: 10

Northern Harrier: 1

Sharp-shinned Hawk: 106

Cooper’s Hawk: 13

Broad-winged Hawk: 1,993

Red-tailed Hawk: 17

American Kestrel: 9

Merlin: 4

Total birds: 2,258 raptors

Season Total: 4,576 raptors

Happy birding!

Chad Heins

Mankato, MN

*Chad Heins*

Assistant Professor of Biology

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