This afternoon at 4:09 I found a Townsend's Solitaire in Cook along 5th St.
SE in front of the hospital. The bird flew south along 5th St. toward 3rd
Ave. SE where it landed at the top of a spruce on the east side of 5th and
called the whole time. Then it flew to the southeast. There is a crabapple
tree in front of the hospital which could be the bird's food source since
that's where I initially saw it.

I was in Cook looking for the White-winged Crossbills that Julie Grahn had
found the evening before in some spruce trees by the VFW. I did not find
the Crossbills or any Bohemian Waxwings that had been seen earlier this
fall. I did find 6 Pine Grosbeaks in town.

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