Does anyone know if there's an ideal time to spot the Varied Thrush in Oakdale Cemetery, Marine on St. Croix? Thanks!

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On Sun, Dec 6, 2015 at 11:41 PM, linda whyte <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Along with several other birders, we enjoyed great looks at the Varied
Thrush in Oakdale Cemetery  (by Marine on the St. Croix).  While waiting
for the bird to show, we heard three different corvid sounds: Bluejay,
Crow, and Raven.  The first two species were calling from the south, behind
the adjacent farm, while the Ravens seemed to be in conifers northwest of
the cemetery. There was also one faint, brief call from a Brown Creeper in
the cemetery, that couldn't be confirmed visually. After an hour's wait,
the Varied Thrush flew into the crab-apple tree by the pasture fence at the
rear of the property. The red fruit is abundant, but the bird's slate and
orange markings stood out nicely in contrast. It was still feeding when we

We hiked next, at Wm O'Brien SP, reaching one of the far west loops. A
vocal flock of American Tree Sparrows drew our attention with their
pleasant sound. With them was a large flock of Cedar Waxwings, foraging in
some cedars. When the birds moved into the birches nearby, we attempted to
search them for any Bohemian Waxwings.  The effort was cut short by a
Northern Shrike, whose arrival caused the Waxwings to depart in haste,
somewhere to the northeast.

Linda Whyte

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