Hey birders,

No rare birds to report, but I wanted to share our season totals with you.
Our counters just turned in their data sheet from the day, thus completing
our fall count (Aug 15-Dec 15).  Raptor migration in the Minnesota River
Valley at Mankato was pretty phenomenal this year.  The Bethany Hawkwatch
counts raptors migrating through two points in Mankato.  One site is at
Bethany Lutheran College on the eastern bluff; the other site is Land of
Memories Park near the confluence of the Blue Earth and Minnesota Rivers.
Raptors do not pass through both sites so there are no duplicates in our
count.  The last two years we have averaged about 4,330 birds so this year
was a bit of a shock; we saw record numbers for all species but Peregrine

Turkey Vulture—1,810


Bald Eagle—3,183

Northern Harrier—60

Sharp-shinned Hawk—792

Cooper’s Hawk—65

Northern Goshawk—2

Red-shouldered Hawk—4

Broad-winged Hawk—3,766

Swainson’s Hawk—14

Red-tailed Hawk—1,945

Rough-legged Hawk—45

Golden Eagle—1

American Kestrel—46


Peregrine Falcon—21

Unidentified raptors—45






Season total—11,881

Bethany Lutheran College—5,916 birds of 15 species from 366 hours of

Land of Memories Park—5,965 birds of 15 species from 435 hours of
observation (better site for days with south winds of which we had many
this fall)

Happy birding!

*Chad Heins*

Assistant Professor of Biology

Bethany Lutheran College

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