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Today (5/19) from 11:35-2:15, I watched a large, species rich group of 
shorebirds from the west end access of Lake Byllesby Regional Park in Dakota 
County. Highlights indclude:

-1 red-necked phalarope
-1 ruddy turnstone
-1 hudsonian godwit
-1 stilt sandpiper
-4 Willet
-1 sanderling

There were hundreds of other shorebirds present including wilson's phalarope, 
dunlin, short-billed dowitcher, semipalmated plover, pectoral sandpiper, white-
rumped sandpiper, killdeer, lesser and greater yellowlegs, semipalmated 
sandpiper, and least sandpiper. 

A full list of birds seen can be found on my ebird checklist linked below. 

-Alex Lewanski
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