Annabelle Watts and I came across a pair of Says Phoebes in the Felton Prairie area this 
morning. The birds were at the gravel pit along 170th st N (the typical 'longspur road'), just 
before the first cattle guard crossing. Best viewed by turning left at the intersection at the 
cattle guard. The phoebe's were calling to each other frequently (may nest?) and tended to 
perch on the large gravel piles or on the fence nearby the road.

Annabelle shared a photo here:

Other goodies in the general area included Marbled Godwits chasing away harriers, at least 
3 Upland Sandpipers (heard many calls and got good looks, very cool) and around 25 
booming Greater Prairie Chickens at the Bluestem Prairie lek we reserved yesterday. 
Despite our best efforts, we weren't able to track down any Chestnut Collared Longspurs 
along 170th.

Justin Watts

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