This morning, my wife and I spotted a Henslow's sparrow singing on a small
stem at the Carver Park Reserve. It was about 10 feet off of the paved
biking trail on the south side of Lake 2. Of course I left my camera at
home this morning! We observed it for about 5 minutes before moving on.

We had parked at the equestrian parking area on Grimm Road, and as soon as
we got out of the car, a beautiful Scarlet Tanager was sitting in a tree on
the NW side of the parking area.

We walked the paved loop around lake 2. Other species seen:
Common Yellow Throated Warbler
American Redstart
Eastern Bluebirds
Pileated woodpecker
Yellow Warbler
Clay Colored sparrow
Song sparrow
Great Blue heron
Tree swallows
Sandhill cranes (heard - not seen)
Trumpeter swan
Wood Duck
American Goldfinch
Brown headed cowbird
Indigo Bunting
Eastern Kingbird
Scarlet Tanager

Jonathan & Elizabeth Beck

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