Dear probeusers,

On Saturday, June 11, the University of Minnesota will upgrade Listserv to a newer version of the application. This upgrade will also include migrating the application to new infrastructure, which will further ensure the long-term stability of the service.

The Listserv web interface will be unavailable that day from 10am until noon while technicians complete the upgrade. Delivery of list messages will also be delayed until after work is completed.

After the upgrade on June 11, there will be a change in the way Listserv users login and because of this, current Listserv passwords will no longer work.

University of Minnesota users will now log in using their Internet password. On the Listserv login page, they will use their University [log in to unmask] as the email address. This is true regardless of their campus affiliation. For example, a user on the Morris campus will now use an email address of [log in to unmask], and not [log in to unmask].

Users who do not have a University of Minnesota email address must register a new password by visiting the Register Listserv Password Page:

This change is mostly important if you are using the listserv web interface, for example to access the listserv archives:

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dr. Anette von der Handt

Department of Earth Sciences
University of Minnesota
310 Pillsbury Drive SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Office phone: (612) 624-7370
Office fax: (612) 625-3819
Lab phone: (612) 624-3539
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