At Weaver Dunes TNC Preserve on June 28, I saw and heard singing a Bell's Vireo about 150 feet north of 598th Street (from Rt. 61, go 1.8 miles north from Weaver, turn right on Rt. 84, drive several miles to the southwest part of the TNC preserve, turn right on 598th Street, drive 0.8 miles (final 0.8 miles is a gravel road). Other species of interest in the TNC Preserve and DNR SNA included 10 Dickcissel, 2 Orchard Oriole, and 8 species of sparrows, including 1 Henslow's Sparrow (on the south side of 598th Street about 0.2-0.3 miles east of the Bell's Vireo location, or 1.1 miles from the intersection with Rt. 84), 6 Grasshopper Sparrows, and 3 Lark Sparrows. 

At Whitewater State Park on June 30, I saw and heard chipping a Yellow-throated Warbler in a White Pine about 50 feet from the Whitewater Park Nature Store, the same location where this species has been seen for the past four years, and nested in at least 2013. 

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