July14, 2016
The previously reported Big Stone county Black-necked Stilt's were still present in the marsh on the NW corner of MN Highway 28 & CR 61.  Also present at this location were Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs, Dunlin's & Pectoral and Least Sandpipers.
Craig Mandel
Minnetonka, Hennepin County
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> Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 17:12:40 -0600
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> Subject: [mou-net] Big Stone County: Arctic Tern and Black-necked Stilts
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> (Posted by Daniel Orr <[log in to unmask]> via moumn.org)
> The Arctic Tern was still sitting on the mud flat along the North shore of the
> marsh where Bob Ekblad found it. The Black-necked Stilts had moved to the
> marsh on the west side of CR 61and just north of Hwy 28.
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