On Friday morning about 8:35 A.M. I was sipping coffee and watching
birds off the deck of my cabin in Douglas County. A more unusual looking
bird flew by me and lit in a Red Osier Dogwood shrub just off the corner of
the deck about 30 feet away. General appearance was brownish and black. I
was surprised to find that it was a male juvenile Western Tanager. Wings
were black with two light wing bars (color not noted), tail was black, back
was a medium olive green. and there was a splash of red color on the face,
forehead and chin area. The edge of the breast that I could see was a
slightly lighter olive green. Bill was tanager-like, light-medium gray, and
the eye was dark. The bird sat for about 20 seconds, flew into the brush
and I never saw it again.
     Other than that, few migrants, a Wilsons Warbler, and some Wilsons
Phalaropes at Osakis sewage ponds.
     John Ellis-St. Paul

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