Hi All,

Rained out of work this morning so I spent about 3 hours this afternoon birding Jackson Co. and tallied a whopping 96 species with relatively little effort, including 19 warbler species overall. The highlight of the excursion was a scolding TUFTED TITMOUSE along Black Bridge Rd. near Jackson.

Black Bridge Rd.---
3 Blue-headed / 1 Philadelphia Vireos
1 Swainson's Thrush
14 sp. of warblers,
---including 1 male Mourning, FOS Yellow-rumped, Magnolia / Chestnut-sided most numerous
3 Scarlet Tanagers

Sandy Point Park---
Quiet overall, but did have calling Alder & Willow Flycatchers and my first Clay-colored Sparrow of the fall.

South Heron Lake (from West Heron Unit)---
8 species of waterfowl
1 Eared Grebe
Thousands of American Coots and Franklin's Gulls
6 Caspian / 11 Black / 2 Forster's Terns
8 sp. of warblers at the point here
--including Tennessee, 1 Cape May, and 11 Yellow
3 lingering Dickcissels

Danny Akers
Spirit Lake, IA
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