*Duluth/North Shore
*October 28, 2016

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Hotline: Minnesota, Duluth/North Shore
Date: October 28, 2016
Sponsor: Minnesota Ornithologists' Union (MOU)
Reports: (218) 834-2858
Compiler: Jim Lind ([log in to unmask])

This is the Duluth Birding Report for October 28th, 2016 sponsored by the Minnesota Ornithologists' Union.

A NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was found by Julie Karlson and Doug Overacker on the 26th near the boat launch at Bayside Park in Silver Bay. Jeff Newman reports that the GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW was again seen on the 24th at his house at 44th Avenue East and Regent Street in east Duluth. A TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE was seen on the 22nd and 23rd at the Hawk Ridge overlook.

John Richardson saw two WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS on the 21st at the Park Point Recreation Area, and Peder Svingen saw one on the 28th on Allouez Bay at Wisconsin Point, as well as three SURF SCOTERS and a WESTERN GREBE. Josh Lefever saw a SURF SCOTER on the 28th at 38th Street on Park Point and Bruce Munson saw one with a BLACK SCOTER on the 28th at 8th Street. As many as 10 BLACK SCOTERS were seen on the 21st and 22nd at the Park Point Recreation Area. A LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL, and THAYER'S GULLíS have been seen on both sides of the Superior Entry in recent days.

A SURF SCOTER and seven LONG-TAILED DUCKS were seen by several observers on the 23rd at Burlington Bay in Two Harbors. An immature RED-THROATED LOON continues to be seen at Agate Bay in Two Harbors, often very close to the ore docks. Julie Zempel, Peter Nichols and others reported a PACIFIC LOON and eight BLACK SCOTERS on the 21st and 22nd at Agate Bay in Two Harbors. Clinton Nienhaus found an adult ICELAND GULL on the 23rd at Agate Bay.

The RED PHALAROPE at the Cook Wastewater Treatment Plant and the BRANT and CATTLE EGRET in Two Harbors were each last reported on the 22nd.

The next scheduled update of this report will be on or about Thursday, November 4th.

This report is compiled from MOU-net postings, local eBird checklists, various Facebook group pages (some of which may require joining), and personal contacts. Please follow the links below for the most up-to-date information:

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