Hey birders,

Sorry for the late post.  Our Big Day yesterday wiped me out.

The Cattle Egret continues at the small cattle yard on CR13 south of CR5.
He was looking very lonely in the rain without his cows on Saturday.

A *Plegadis* ibis was seen briefly at the Nicollet Conservation Club off of
Hwy 14 on the south side of Swan Lake.  The bird took off, flew over our
heads and circled out of sight to the west.  It did not have any apparent
face markings and we suspect an immature.  As we refocused on looking for
other birds he circled in and landed again but stayed only briefly before
taking off and circling to the east this time.  We could not relocate the

Finally, an Inca Dove was flushed from the road along 531st Avenue north of
Courtland.  It landed in a field and when approached to confirm
identification, it flushed once more, landing in the trees by the first
homestead just south of the Courtland WMA.  It could not be relocated for
other members of the party to observe and a revisit a little later was
ineffective as well.

Happy birding!

Chad Heins