Hey birders,

I found a Henslow’s Sparrow on territory and readily heard from your car
within the bison pen at Minneopa State Park.  The bird seemed to prefer a
mullein stalk on the south side of the road about 85 yards west of where
the west-bound road comes out of an oak grove.  An even greater surprise
was a Northern Mockingbird on the north side of the road about half way
between the oak woodland and the wetland that bisects the road within the
bison pen.  At this location, the fence gets somewhat close to the road
again and then takes a sharp angled turn.

Also, FYI, this week Trent Robbins located a Blue Grosbeak at its usual
spot in the DOT quarry just west of the park on the south side of Hwy 68
and along 216th Street.

Happy birding!

Chad Heins