Posting this for a friend:  The beast is in Northern California

Please contact Brandon directly if you are interested: [log in to unmask]

Do you know anyone interested in an older XRF for parts?

Here are some details...

Rigaku RIX 3000

manufactured 1993

HV transformer 6703-5001CS -  

20-60 kV range with 1 kV steps (5-100mA) - Max output 3kW @60kV 

Varian Rh x-ray tube, installed 2009

7 xtals LIF1, PET, GE, TAP, LIF3, RX-40 & RX - 60

SC detector and F-PC detector

Not sure about the boards (PHA/HV, I/O, driver and PM), I think one or more of these are faulty...


Ken Severin - U Alaska Fairbanks

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