Do you always tell yourself you'll cook but then you find yourself at Chipotle week after week? WBI is helping to facilitate a meal swap for students who are looking for a way to eat more nutritious home cooked meals in the new year! We will try to match student responses on dietary preferences, allergies, and level of interest, but our ability to match will depend on engagement. Once we match groups it is up to individual groups to connect and plan exactly how often they want to swap and the foods to make.

What is a meal swap? While each group can decide what it will mean for them, the inspiration is based on a program where each student in the group makes x number of the same meal (based on the number of students in the group). When the swap occurs, each student will get to take home one of each meal (x total).

Interested? You can sign up here, or reach out to us with any questions!

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