Hello all!

Beginning after spring break, a law student sobriety group will begin meeting regularly at school. This group is for individuals who desire sobriety, consciously make this choice, and would benefit from a space for supportive dialogue. Sobriety is loosely defined, and not confined to alcohol. This group will be malleable to the needs of those interested, meaning it can be an informal space for dialogue or take on more formality as a 12-step program. This is not a space for policing, and sustained sobriety is not mandatory.

This group will NOT be moderated by faculty, staff, or any outside organization- this is a space within Mondale where students can speak about this with others who understand this experience. 

If you’re interested in potentially coming to a meeting, please fill out this poll so a good meeting time can be identified: https://forms.gle/7aYNJzmUGKd9xhWx5 

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Snebold at [log in to unmask].

Thanks all!

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