A few things!

1. Knives Out movie night tomorrow, 7:30pm @ https://umn.zoom.us/j/134208021 

2. Wellness Planning Workshop Tuesday, 12:15 @ https://umn.zoom.us/j/376851250 

3. WBI is creating a supplement to the course guide for 1Ls and 2Ls planning their fall! Fill out this (anonymous) form for classes you've taken and help other students pick classes and professors that match their style best!
Form is here: forms.gle/65R82SaQCZwe3QtK9
Responses are here:  tinyurl.com/wbicourseguide 

4. Yoga every Monday and Friday 11:40-12:10 @ https://umn.zoom.us/j/594787490 

Stay safe!

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