Dear probers,

Do you also hate when exporting images takes longer than acquiring them because the software does not offer a batch export option? Or that you have to use a separate program altogether if you want to customize the scalebars?

Last year, we shared with you our software Probelab ReImager! And now ReImager is even better!!

Noah Kraft wrote this software to allow more control and customization of electron images and ease everyday operations by including batch export options in many image formats.

The program was developed for images and element maps to provide uniform, platform-independent image processing. It supports images/element maps acquired with Thermo Pathfinder or NSS software and now also supports JEOL electron images acquired with the PC-SEM software.

We now fully support MacOS (“El Capitan” to “Big Sur”) in addition to Windows. This will assist with processing images while we have diminished access to lab computer infrastructure.

You can learn more about this free, open-source program, including a how-to video, and download it at:

We hope you will enjoy it and look for updates in the future!


Noah Kraft ([log in to unmask])
Anette von der Handt ([log in to unmask])

For technical questions, please contact Noah.

Dr. Anette von der Handt
Research Associate Professor / Electron Microprobe Lab Manager

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Minnesota
116 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA
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