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Date: Thu, May 13, 2021 at 12:55 PM
Subject: [mou-net] Kentucky Warbler, Carver Co
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I had 2 brief but good looks at a Kentucky Warbler this morning in Carver
Co at the Rapids Lake Unit of MN River Valley. I saw clearly the yellow
spectacles, with black under the eye diagonally and a yellow throat, drab
greenish back. The bird was NOT singing and was very secretive. I first saw
the bird on the hiking trail slightly north of the lake, thick brush on
both sides of the trail. After my second spot, I believe it flew further
north up the trail and after an hour search, I could not find it again. As
it was not singing, it may not stick around- not sure how chasable this
would be Otherwise, there were very few warblers in the park, but good
sparrow action and plenty of orioles and grosbeaks.
Robin LaFortune

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