Hi all,
there is a possibility that we can add two spectrometers to our microprobe, and we are trying to decide which could be the best combination. We perform mostly analyses on geological samples.I would be grateful if you could tell me the difference between the L and H crystals  (e.g. LiFH vs LiFL). The JEOL brochure reads that the L type is for "trace element overlaps in geology" and the H type is for "high X-ray intensity". As expected, we noticed some loss of resolution when going from the "normal" (e.g. PETJ, LIF) to H crystals (PETH, LIFH) in the spectrometers we already have. Do L-type crystals offer a better resolution than the regular crystals? How about detection limits?I will appreciate your comments and experiences.Thank you very much in advance,
Fernando ColomboNational University of CordobaArgentina

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