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Small Talk 101

I’ve been talking to the same three people for the past year (one of them is my mom) and I feel like I’ve fully forgotten how to make genuine connections and not just smile and nod towards a camera? Anyway- am I rambling? I feel like I’m rambling. Nevermind…

This newsletter is to let you all know of an upcoming ~gathering~ and offer a chance to practice your (probably rusty) socializing skills!

Personal Note - Emily Moss

Getting back to “normal” definitely is an exciting idea but I have felt a bit more re-entry anxiety than I expected. For anyone else feeling the same way, NPR did a great story on re-entry anxiety, vaccination inequalities, how to cope with the grief of loss that occurred due to COVID, and how we can safely approach taking off our masks (or not taking them off yet). The story is an important reminder that a lot has changed in the last fifteen months and that it's normal to take some time to adjust. You can find the NPR story here.

Movie Night!

Some of the events from the list sent out last week are coming up. I (Sara) am planning to go to this event, so if anyone wants to come hang out, please do! If you let me know you’re coming in advance then I’ll bring snacks and drinks to share :)

Avengers: End Game is playing on June 14 at Beltrami Park. The movie will begin at dusk but I’ll get there early to scope a spot and hang out!

Song of the Week

Million Bucks by Smallpools


WBI has created a Resources Page on our website where law students can always go to find support.

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