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fr please get vaccinated so 3Ls can have one full year of in-person classes 

This newsletter is to talk about what to expect from WBI this year - including an in-person meeting later this month, tell you about the second-round of mentorships, let you all know how to get a WBI transcript notation!

I am so NERVOUS! I haven’t done in-person school in almost two years. What if I’m weird(er) now? What if no one likes me? Please say hi to me in the hallways and excuse any anxious rambling, it’s just nerves I swear I'm super cool.

Anyway, if anyone else is also nervous about getting back to in person classes, feel free to hit me up for some Small Talk 101 hang outs before school starts! I’d love to go for walks/coffee/drinks/whatever with anyone that’s interested!

Anxiously yours,

Sara Witty

Upcoming Event!

We, the members of WBI, are THRILLED to invite you all to our very first meeting of the year! We will be meeting on August 26, 2021 at 6 pm in Mondale Hall! We’d like to have a chance to meet with people who are interested in being a part of WBI before school starts so we can set up the groups and figure out board members before things get serious. If you are interested in a board position or in eating free food - please come! RSVP here!

Topics of conversation will include setting up groups, choosing board members, and discussing WBI goals for the year. If there are people interested in attending a WBI meeting that are unable to come in person, we will host an online meeting soon after! If you are interested in an online meeting, please mark that here


The first round of mentorships is well underway and we’re all seriously excited to have thirty mentorship pairings begin before school even starts! BUT, we aren’t done yet. We are going to do a second round of pairing once the school year starts. So, if you have any friends that are bummed because they think they’ve missed out on this opportunity to connect - let them know not to worry!

The second round of mentorship pairings will be done in the first month of school and sign up sheets will be available both virtually and in person in the subplaza during club week. Keep an eye out for links in future newsletters and look for our table when school starts back! 

Transcript Notation

There are two different transcript notations to be aware of; please talk to your mentee about the possibility of earning a transcript notation!

Valued Contribution to Student Well-Being Program (Open to 1Ls)

This notation consists of three components: (1) participation in the WBI Peer Mentor Program, (2) participation in 5 wellness programs a semester OR membership on a planning team to organize these programs, (3) completing monthly reflections.

Leadership and Advocacy in Student Well-Being (Open to 2Ls and 3Ls)

This notation also has three components. All students will be required to complete monthly reflections. Additionally, students will need to participate in two of the three following activities: (1) WBI Peer Mentorship Program, (2) participate in 5 wellness programs a semester, (3) join a WBI Planning Team.

Advice Column

My first coffee shop job offered to let me start a bulletin board advice column, but I moved to DC before I had the chance to actually do it! I’ve regretted missing that chance ever since, so I’m opening one up here! 

Any questions, concerns, or topics that you’d like some advice on, feel free to submit them here! You’ll get real advice, and maybe some memes for your situation. It could be fun! 

Song of the Week

I Feel Good About This - The Mowgli’s


WBI has created a Resources Page on our website where law students can always go to find support.

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