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Love Yourself

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” —Buddha

Love Yourself

With Valentine’s next Monday, it is important to talk about loving the most important person in your life. You. Saying ‘love yourself’ is an easy thing to say but a hard thing to do. Just like your relationship and love for others, you need to be realistic and work on your relationship with yourself. Not every conversation with yourself will be nice. Being able to feel pain and accept your emotions is a starting point to loving yourself. If you are numb to your emotions how could you possible love yourself.

After you opened yourself up to self-evaluation, you can begin to learn from these emotions. Self-reflect on what is the cause of these emotions. Once you open up a dialogue with yourself, you begin to learn about the true you.

Then, treat yourself with loving actions. Ask “What can I do to love myself?”. Look in the mirror and tell your reflection “good morning” or “good night”. Give yourself words of affirmation. Do activities you enjoy alone. 

Lastly, Say no when needed. Saying no when needed can help build self-respect and personal boundaries that are essential for self-care.

Palentines Event!

WBI is hosting a “Palentines” day event on Monday, February 14th. It will be during the lunch hour in Auerbach. There will be be candy, games, music, and some prizes. Come take a load off and enjoy your pals and socialize with others.

<3 Quit playing logic games with my heart 

<3 You violated the 5th Amendment when you took my heart without due process

<3 Are you a trial court? Because I find you appealing 

<3 If loving you is a crime, then I’m looking for a life sentence

<3 When it comes to you, there is no logical reasoning 

<3 My love for you is more than enough consideration


WBI wants to invite all to come enjoy the Minnesota Winter and ice skate Saturday, February 12th to Centennial Lake Parks. We will be skating at 3 pm (weather permitting). We have a GroupMe to schedule rides for those that can’t drive. Join here: https://groupme.com/join_group/85219807/AWyyeyhL 

WBI also has a Running Group and a Basketball group for those who want to be active with other students on times that fit their schedule. 

Contact Alex Jones for any inquiry about the groups or general activity ideas! [log in to unmask] 


The Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing is pleased to present the first in its Wellbeing Series lectures this year, Turning the Tide: Neuroscience, Spirituality and My Path Toward Emotional Health featuring Dr. Sylvia Bartley

Date: Thursday, Feb 24

Time: 12N-1:30 PM

Cost: FREE

Register here

Dr. Bartley is an amazing change-maker both in her role at the Medtronic Foundation and within the community. On March 1, there will also be an informal discussion with her about her podcast, The More You Know Community Show, how it came into being, and why she's so excited about it. In the meantime you can check out her podcast here: Apple Podcast https://lnkd.in/erMKXBwb and on Spotify https://lnkd.in/e4hhn97V


Do you have a professor who is not recording classes? Is it impacting your learning or making you less cautious about your health than you should be? We want to help! Please take this anonymous questionnaire so that we can do our best to change this. Your email will not be recorded. We want everyone to have the resources to look after their health without their grades suffering.

Advice Column

Three book recommendations for self-care from Sierra. When it comes to self-help books, the best advice I ever received was “take what you can and leave the rest.”

Drop The Ball: Achieving More by Doing Less- By Tiffany Dufu

Do you have too much on your plate? Are you struggling with keeping up with pleasing everyone that you don’t have time for yourself? This book may have some guidance for you. 

The Gifts of Imperfection- By Brene Brown 

I love anything by Brene Brown, but this one is my favorite. Dealing with perfectionist tedancies can lead to major procrastination and shame. This book talks about how that happens and what to do about it. 

Mindset: The New Psychology of Success- By Carol Dweck

Do you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset? This book will help you understand what the difference is and how to implement a mindset shift to help you focus on skill-building rather than grasping for just talent. 

Any questions, concerns, or topics that you’d like some advice on, feel free to submit them here! You’ll get real advice, and maybe some memes for your situation. 


NAMI Connections Group for University of Minnesota Law Students

The NAMI Connection group offers peer-led support for law students living with mental health disorders who attend the University of Minnesota Law School. 

NAMI Connection is a recovery support group for adults with a mental illness regardless of their diagnosis. This group is offered free of charge and is led by trained individuals who are also in recovery – people who understand the challenges folks with mental illness face. 

This is a hybrid model. You can join in-person or via Zoom. 

There is a 20 person limit. We still have plenty of room!

No need to register – simply show up!

Who: UMN law students living with mental illness

What: Peer-led support group!

When: 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of each month; 5-6:30pm

Where: Mondale Hall Room 475 

This group is completely confidential. It is not therapy. 

Click here to see other NAMI Connection Groups offered in Minnesota. 

"Character and Fitness" Wellness Group

Let’s Talk 

Let's Talk is now offered 5 days a week across East and West Bank and through Zoom. Students are able to pick which location works best with their schedule and select which counselor aligns with their personal/professional identities/areas of expertise.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers

Boynton Mental Health

Looking for a Therapist? 

Learn about the various types of mental health professionals and types of treatments available. 

Psychology Today Find a Therapist Search Tool

Fast Tracker 

Crisis Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 

Sand Creek 24/7 Phone Counseling 

Community Spaces - NEW! 

Community Spaces is a new initiative at the law school! It is for anyone who is interested in getting together with other Minnesota Law students and building community.

Third Thursday of the Month from 12:15-1:15pm in Room 3 


Third Friday of the Month from 12:15-1:15pm Virtually (https://z.umn.edu/communityspaces

Dates: Feb 17th & 18th; March 17th & 18th; April 21st & 22nd

WBI has created a Resources Page on our website where law students can always go to find support.

UMN Law Well-Being Initiative
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