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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 09:22:49 -0600 (CST)
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Subject: Marjorie Grene Prize Award

The Marjorie Grene Prize Committee is pleased to announce that it has
award the Marjorie Grene Prize for the best paper by a graduate student
to Judy Johns Schloegel of Indiana University.  Ms Schloegel, the first
recipient of the Grene Prize, won for her paper, "Biology as Biography
and Biography of Biology: Intimacy, Subjectivity, and 'Understanding' in
the Experimental Work of H.S. Jennings, Tracy Sonneborn, and Paramecium
aurelia."  The committee, composed of Dr. Marjorie Grene, Dr. James R.
Griesemer, and Dr. Ronald Rainger, selected Ms. Schloegel's paper from
among nine submitted for the prize.  The prize carries with it a $200
award that will go toward defraying Ms. Schloegel's travel expenses to
the meeting in Seattle.  Congratulations to Ms. Schloegel on receiving
this award.
                Marjorie Grene
                James R. Griesemer
                Ronald Rainger